Allen Robinson
Will Newton/Getty Images

There aren’t a lot of good things about the Chicago Bears offense. Honestly, I probably couldn’t name 3 good things about that offense. BUT, the one thing I know about the Bears offense is that Allen Robinson II is a STUD. He had a solid year for fantasy and just in general for the Bears, but now, he’s going to be a top 10 fantasy option this year.

Allen Robinson II 2019

Allen Robinson II had a decent year considering he has a bust in Mitch Trubisky at QB. There are a couple of reasons for that. 1. He is really the only established and trustworthy receiver there in Chicago. 2. He had the 3rd most targets of ALL NFL receivers this past year. He only trailed in targets behind Michael Thomas and Julio Jones with 154 targets. That is the impressive part. What is not so impressive is that he only had 98 receptions to those 154 targets. At first glance, that is a 63% catch rate if he had the chance to catch all of those. Remember, when I said Mitch Trubisky is hot garbage though? (It’s at the beginning of this paragraph) That’s why I am not taking that 63% so serious, Mitch can be incredibly inaccurate and the 154 targets doesn’t always mean the ball was catchable.

Still, Robinson was able to get 1,147 receiving yards and 7 TDs with those 98 receptions. The Bears added a ton of TEs (don’t ask me why) but not a lot of receiver talent. Also, the Bears invested in insurance, meaning if Mitch starts playing like trash (he will), they can bench him for Nick Foles, who’s at least a slightly better QB than Trubisky. Either way, Allen Robinson II will be the #1 target for either of QBs, meaning he is very well draftable. To note, the Bears don’t look like they will be that good this year, meaning they’ll have to throw the ball more to keep up. Therefore, more fantasy points for Robinson.

Final Assessment

Allen Robinson can be one of those guys you didn’t think he would help as much as he did. You either hate yourself for not drafting him or are proud of yourself because you did. Either way, I am high on Allen Robinson II this year, he is a solid WR1 (if the superstars are all taken). If you can get him as your 2nd best receiver, ooooooo buddy, you might win your fantasy league.