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The All Day Every Day Show is back with Episode 22! Hosts Alex Jacobs and Manny Ruffin are joined by producer Christian Lathrope. After an amazing episode 21, the ADEDS gang is back this week without a guest. This week, the gang discusses the CRAZY $1.3M parlay won over the weekend, the issues in Portland, and the NBA Playoffs and the recent injuries

Finishing with a crazy Harris English putt, a London bettor recorded a massive $1.3M parlay win. The group discusses the craziness behind this bet and the details included. Would you take these bets? The gang gives their thoughts

The second half of the show, the ADEDS gang discusses what is going down with the Portland Trail Blazers. After a recent hiring of Chauncey Billups, Alex and Manny discuss what this means for the future of the team and star Damian Lillard. Finally the show is wrapped up with talk of the NBA Playoffs. After the multitude of injuries so far, Giannis Antetokounmpo finds himself as the most recent. Did the NBA season start too early? Is this the reason for all the injuries? The group gives their thoughts.

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