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The All Day Every Day Show is here with Episode 20! This episode has been long waited for. After both Instagram and Twitter hit 200 followers each, its time for the GIVEAWAY. Manny and Alex announce the winner of the NBA Store gift cards and the Coldest water bottle. Make sure to tune into the episode to see the results.

In the back half of the show, Alex and Manny discuss their backstory before the podcast. They discuss what occurred to make this show a possibility and some of the bumps they hit in the process. Who doesn’t love a good backstory?

Finally, the ADEDS gang discusses their predictions for the upcoming NBA Conference Finals. Manny and Alex give their predictions and thoughts about who they feel can make it to the Conference Finals. Only time will tell who is right.

The All Day Every Day Show would like to thank the supporters, without you, the success so far wouldn’t be possible. The giveaway was a blast and more will be coming in the future. Congrats to the winner, and make sure to stay tuned into the shows social media pages for the next giveaway.

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