The All Day Every Day Show

The All Day Every Day Show is here with Episode 19! The ADEDS gang is joined by their newest member, Zachary Niccoli. Zach joins Alex, Manny, and Christian as their newest audio producer and team member. The ADEDS is always looking to better themselves and our newest addition is only the start!

Episode 19 is a great one! Hosts Alex and Manny discuss the upcoming boxing match between Jake Paul and UFC Welterweight Champion Tyrone Woodley. The gang gives their takes on the fight along with all the controversy surrounding it. A Manny vs. Jake Paul fight is something we may need.

The back half of the show, the gang discusses the current state of fans in the NBA. After multiple attempts to harm players, the gang gives their take on the actions taken by fans recently and what may need to be done to fix it. Finally the group discusses the outstanding year so far from Jacob deGrom. The group debates whether his success will continue and what the Mets must do to continue winning.

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