AJ Brown
Mark Zaleski/Associated Press

For a while last year, I was waiting on AJ Brown to breakout and have a great game after game. He’d had a good game, and then vanish for two games. That could be because Marcus Mariota was at QB. However, this year, things are looking up for Brown and he could have a great fantasy year in 2020.

AJ Brown 2019

As mentioned, AJ Brown had a slow start to the season, in fact, it was pretty inconsistent until week 12. But in week 12 and on, he had stellar games and really vamped up his fantasy potential for 2020. Since week 12, which is 6 games, he had 605 receiving yards, 25 receptions, and 5 TDs. That’s about 100 yards, 4 receptions, and 1 TD per game. That’s a hella good stat line. In a PPR league, that would be about 20 points per game. 20 points per game for a WR is solid.

Final Assessment

With AJ Brown looking to take another step in his career and having Ryan Tannehill as his QB for this season, who saved the Titan’s season last year, Brown will be looking at consistent production for the year. Throw in the fact that the other WRs the Titans have are not exactly the best either. It makes Brown the clear #1 option for the Titans. I wouldn’t say draft him over the best fantasy WRs, but he can be a good WR to find late in your fantasy draft that will be a gem. AJ Brown was 20th for fantasy for WRs last year. I think he can make a sizable jump in those rankings that puts him AT LEAST as a top 15 fantasy WR. He might surpass that and become a top 10 fantasy WR. The odds are in his favor to have a great fantasy season. Make sure the odds are in your favor to win your fantasy league by drafting AJ Brown.