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Is the USWNT Dynasty Coming to an End?

The USA Women’s National Soccer Team lost their opening game of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to Sweden, 3-0. It was not close. Sweden dominated the USWNT wire to wire. Losing this match broke a 44-game unbeaten streak in international play. After getting slapped around like this in a way that we haven’t seen in a long time, is it safe to say the USWNT dynasty is over?

United States Women’s Soccer has been at the very top of the international stage for what feels like forever. Losing one match against Sweden doesn’t necessarily mean the ride is over. They have plenty of opportunity left to right the ship and come home with a gold medal. With only 12 women’s teams in the Olympics, it should not be difficult for the USA to find their way into the eight-team knockout stage. While this loss isn’t necessarily a damning one, it is evidence of an issue that the USMNT suffered themselves for a good period of time.

US Soccer Turnover Is Way Too Slow

The USWNT has held on to the core from their World Cup-winning squads of 2015 and 2019. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but at some point those players lose a step. The average age of the USWNT is 29.7 years old. Again, not a bad thing, but these players can’t stick around forever. At some point the core will need to go, and the 3-0 drubbing from Sweden is evidence that the time for that is fast approaching.

The USWNT still has time to turn it around and bring home the Olympic gold. Losing to Sweden merely pulled back the curtain on the possibility that their world-leading dynasty may be ending soon.


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