AFC Championship Preview
AFC Championship Preview (AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes)

The AFC Championship preview is finally here and after Sunday we will have our Super Bowl matchup. However, there is one more hill to climb before we get to the battle on top of the mountain.

For this matchup, the Kansas City Chiefs once again find themselves in the AFC title game. This will be the third year in a row the Chiefs are in this position. As for the Buffalo Bills, it is the first time they have reached this point since 1993. Where they beat the Chiefs and lost four straight Super Bowls.

KC -3, Sunday, January 24th, 2021 – 6:40 PM (CBS)

How The Chiefs Will Win The AFC.

Patrick Mahomes’ Availability –

Mahomes was placed into concussion protocol on Tuesday, following an awkward tackle from Cleveland Browns linebacker Mack Wilson. The consensus around the Kansas City organization is Mahomes will play. However, he still must clear concussion protocol which has been far more thorough in recent years. Should Mahomes not play that is a big advantage for the Bills. Chad Henne would be in line to start and although Henne is a capable veteran QB. You’d much rather the golden boy of the NFL.

The Underrated Chiefs Defense –

The Chiefs defense always seems to play far better come playoff time they did it last year and was a perfect complement to a red-hot offense. Against the Browns, the Chiefs defense was able to weather the storm and hold the lead that Mahomes had acquired. Now the Browns didn’t play to their strengths in that game which really hurt them in the end. Nevertheless, the Chiefs defense is far better at defending the pass than the run. The Bills do not run the ball well, virtually having no run-game to speak of. The Bills being a passing team works right into the hands of the Chiefs’ defensive strengths.

Tyreek Hill Needs To Be A Factor –

Hill will need to be a factor in this game. If Hill scores one or more touchdowns the Chiefs will win the game. The matchup between Hill and Bill’s star corner Tre’Davious White will be the most interesting matchup of the day. Should Hill be able to break some big ones on White the Bills are going to be in trouble.

How The Bills Will Win The AFC.

Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley Need To Continue Their Path

Diggs and Beasley have had career years this season with Josh Allen at the helm. They have helped him develop as a passer and he has helped them become focal points of the offense. Diggs is no stranger to playoff performances and he may need a huge play like the ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ to best the Chiefs. Beasley will need to continue to kill teams in the slot and provide easy targets for Allen. The Bills have no run game to write home about. Therefore, it comes down to the Bills’ receivers helping Allen get them the ball.

Josh Allen Needs To Keep Being Tough As Nails –

Allen has had undoubtedly his best year in the league. Part of the reason he has had such an amazing year is because of his toughness and growth as a passer. In the game against the Baltimore Ravens, Allen did not have his best passing game going 23-37, 206 yards, and only one touchdown. However, on a night where the deep balls weren’t connecting, he stayed the course and didn’t force it. Allen managed to not turn over the ball which was that difference in the game. As long as Allen keeps being smart with the football the Bills will have a great chance to win the game.

Team of Destiny –

The Bills are the team of destiny. The city of Buffalo has gone through losing four consecutive Super Bowls and endured a long playoff drought. However, the team is finally good they finally have their quarterback and their weapons’. Bills Mafia has longed for this moment when they are so close to reaching the promised land once again. If anyone deserves it it’s the Bills and the city of Buffalo. There have been many teams of destiny within my lifetime alone. The 2018 Philadelphia Eagles and the 2007 New York Giants, just to name a few. The Chiefs are a great team no doubt, but all it takes is one game one moment to write history.

Prediction Bills win 30-27

This AFC Championship preview should have you ready for the game, but nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills! I have been on the Bills for a while now and have said that they make Super Bowl. I will not back down now.