Adia Barnes
(Carmen Mandato / Getty Images)

Adia Barnes, University of Arizona Women’s Basketball Head Coach had a message to her team after the upset win over UConn.  Barnes was captured on video using the f-word and sticking up the middle finger during a talk with her team. 

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During a post game conference, Adia Barnes stated that she will not apologize for what she said. 

“I’m just myself. I don’t really think of like, there is no strategy to it. There is no plan to be a certain way. I just do what I feel, I guess. Which is good and bad, because you saw at the end of the game, I honestly had a moment with my team and I thought it was a more intimate huddle and I said to my team something that I truly felt and I know they felt. And it just appeared different on TV. But I’m not apologizing for it because I don’t feel like I need to apologize. It’s what I felt with my team at the moment. And I wouldn’t take it back.

“We’ve gone to war together. We look around the room and we looked around that circle. We believe in each other. So, I’m in those moments and that’s how I am, so I don’t apologize for doing that. I’m just me. And I have to just be me.”

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The Wildcats were the underdog coming into the game. The Wildcats beat number one seed UConn 69-59. The Huskies were highly favored having a record of 28-1 before the game. Not only were the Wildcats the underdog but in an earlier incident with NCAA, the Wildcats were not included in a promotional video for the Final Four. The video included the three other teams, UConn, South Carolina, and Stanford. 

The Wildcats will face Stanford on April 4 for the NCAA Women’s Championship. The number one seed Stanford is 2-0 against the Arizona Wildcats. The Wildcats are looking for another upset this season.