Adam Gase
(Gary Landers/Associated Press)

Adam Gase has plagued the sidelines of the New York Jets for the past two years. The Jets were a 7-9 team last year and looked as though maybe they had some pieces on defense at least and maybe they would have a good year in 2020. However, that was far from the case. Nevertheless, after next week it will all be over.

Adam Gase is Finally Gone!

WFAN, New York’s flagship sports talk radio station, had a normal day until the afternoon drive slot. Craig Carton the crazy and outrageous show host on Carton and Roberts broke very important and happy news for Jet fans.

Breathe that big sigh of relief Jet fans it’s over! No more do you have to put up with horrible, unwatchable, and down-right idiotic playcalling on Sunday’s. Maybe now you get at least a competent offense and football team. As WFAN’s Evan Roberts mentioned in that clip the Jets ranked dead last in every offensive category. That’s bad ok but when your head coach is supposed to be an offensive “guru” then it becomes an incredibly inexcusable problem.

It’s Good that The Jets Finally Got Some Brains and Ended This Now.

Now I said this before and I’ll say it again. There was genuinely some concern among Jet fans that Gase would be brought back. This horrible ownership has done wonkier things in the past. It wouldn’t have surprised me in the least if Gase was back again next year. I’m no Jet fan, but I am a New Yorker and New York is just used to the Jets being a laughable mess. I was getting a little nervous for Jet fans as the longer Gase was the coach, the more I thought ‘They might seriously be considering bringing him back’.

However, these next steps are the most important for the Jets organization. The next coach they hire will be the one they absolutely have to get right. My vote for head coach of the Jets should be Eric Bieniemy, personally, I think they need someone like that who can really run an offense. However, not getting Trevor Lawrence made the Jet job a little less desirable. But they still have a ton of cap space and draft picks.