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Aaron Rodgers Should NOT Be on the Steelers in 2022. For Any Reason. Ever.

As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I have been rolling my eyes harder than bowling balls going down a lane since the Steelers/Packers game back in October with all of this Aaron-Rodgers-To-Pittsburgh crap.

Can We Stop With The Aaron Rodgers/Mike Tomlin Love Fest Please?

The bromance between Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin and Aaron Rodgers has been annoying as hell. The little nods, the winks, and his continuous flirting on podcasts feed the rumor monster. Now sports pundits have been pushing this same rumor of Rodgers to Pittsburgh for months. It’s not happening, and it should not happen.

I’m going to get this out of the way now, the fact that Aaron Rodgers flat out lied about his vaccination status sickens me. Now he is on this “woe-is-me” tear-fest about how he’s being “canceled” because of his lie. This is just something I am beyond sick of. Seriously. I am so sick and tired of people whining the blues about “cancel culture” when it comes to them being made to suffer consequences for their actions. Listen here sawfty (yes, I said ‘sawfty’ on purpose. For those that know, you know) when you are in the public eye and you say or do something stupid, there’s going to be scrutiny and that’s the consequences of your actions. For the everyday person, you should already know that you have to face consequences for your actions.

Packers 2021 Offseason Needs
(Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

If he was the 32-year-old version of himself, that’s would be a different story. He’s not. He’s 38 years old, one year younger than Ben Roethlisberger, who just retired. Father Time is undefeated, and I think he’ll be coming for Aaron Rodgers soon enough. Why would you give up what you’ll have given up to get him, only to have him decline this year potentially? Especially when you have an offensive line that’s (as our friend Jarrod Prosser referred to the Cincinnati Bengals’ line as) nothing but smoke.

Rodgers Is Not As Good As You Think He Is. He Just Isn’t.

Not to mention the fact that Rodgers has one Super Bowl appearance (2010). That’s it. In that time he’s lost four NFC Championship games. Three overtime losses, five losses on the final play of the game.

So, you’ll replace one aging quarterback for another aging quarterback with an offensive line that couldn’t stop a three-toed sloth’s pass rush while essentially giving up your future and a ton of money for the said aging quarterback who has been referred to as the “biggest jerk in the league” by Hub Arkush? Seriously?

The Steelers are going to be rebuilding. That’s just the way it is. Right now, Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin has gone on record that 3rd round 2018 draft pick Mason Rudolph and former first-round pick of 2019 Dwayne Haskins are going to be in competition for the starting job. Now, I am rooting for Dwayne Haskins to show the talent he showed at Ohio State and become the starter of this team.

Sorry Guys, Kenny Pickett Won’t Be There When The Steelers Pick. Sorry!

Aaron Rodgers
(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports)

I hate to break this to my fellow Steelers (and Pitt) fans, but Kenny Pickett won’t be there when the Steelers pick. He’s just not. I don’t think either of the top quarterbacks (Desmond Ridder, Matt Corral, Malik Willis) will be there either, that’s just the truth when you’re picking at 20. Being a mediocre team is worse than being the Jaguars. It is a step away from going into a downward spiral and picking in the top ten. Even if those players are there at twenty, this team has SO MANY other needs that they will not make that much of a difference, unless they suddenly have the talent of Joe Burrow. Spoiler alert, they aren’t.

And further spoiler alert, I’m talking about the Steelers’ offensive and defensive lines. The offensive line that had an undersized guard (Kendrick Green) moved to the center position, and then the organization was shocked when he got eaten like dinner and a defensive line that lost two of its key pieces to injury (Tyson Alualu) and personal hardship (Stephon Tuitt) respectively and had to patchwork all year and got torched for more running yards than I burn calories in a day because the superhuman (Cam Heyward) cannot do all of the work on the line, the DPOY (TJ Watt) can only do but so much while a draft bust (Devin Bush) and pedestrian Mike backer (Joe Schobert) were about as useful as a screen door on a battleship.

As a lifelong Steelers fan, and I said this on the latest edition of the Tanndemonium Sports Show, if the Steelers bring in Aaron Rodgers and make no other moves to shore up this team, I will be rooting for Joe Burrow and the Bengals.

There. I said it.


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