Aarav Raina

Aarav Raina Is The Epitome Of Why To Not Trust High Schoolers’ Music Opinions

In a very cute attempt, Aarav Raina tried to talk shit to me in a post. Now, I won’t go too hard on the young fella because I do like him. He works hard and is actually quite bright. He does hella good work for the site, and he puts other writers to shame at Vendetta. HOWEVER, there’s one thing I just can’t let go of. He’s coming at the reigning champion of the best shit talker at Vendetta. I can’t just let people step up to me and not retaliate.

The article in question that he called me out was his piece about Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo and how he won’t “tolerate any slander.” Cute. But slander is quite the reach. I said there were some good songs on the album, but as a whole, it just was, eh. However, Kanye West fans like little Aarav Raina here always embarrass themselves when it comes to music opinions. They dick ride Kanye West so hard they think everything he does is some kind of work of him as a vessel of God. Get real. The fact that he got mad over a statement I’ve said over a now overrated album to me is just proving my point.

He did go in-depth about his fanboy-ness over this album and tried to explain the intelligence of this album. Yawn. Every Kanye fan does this. As the popular joke once said, Kanye West could put out an album that literally had no music on it and say imagine the music. His fans would sit there and say, ‘I think I can hear it.’ They try to convince themselves that everything he does is so amazing.

I even like Kanye. Well, the old Kanye. I did say that Kanye West hasn’t been amazing since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which I stand by. If my calculations are correct. Little Aarav was only 5 when that album came out. How could he know what Kanye was at his absolute peak? Hell, his first album, The College Dropout, came out before he was even born! What could poor little Aarav know about the artist he so intends to dick ride?

Maybe I should cut him some slack. It’s okay to like things. I mean, his brain isn’t fully developed yet. He still has 9 years before that happens. I mean, why else would he step to the defending champion of the best shit talker? To try to make a dent in my ego, he grasps at straws about completely unrelated topics like my love for the Raiders (aren’t you a Bears fan? Lol.) or my infamous pink cat ear headphones. Yawn, you’re going to have to be better if you’re going to step to the king. He’s doing all this because I said this about an overrated album. This is as close to a temper tantrum as I’ve ever seen. I guess high schoolers still do that? I’m sure his emotional development isn’t all the way developed either.

I might have been giving Aarav too much credit on his potential as a blogger to where he’s trying to see what he can get away with. I’m here to tell him I’m not the one. Especially when he and Vivek were telling me in my DMs that they won’t be able to contribute money-wise to the site’s Fantasy Football league. I’m petty enough not to cover them if it came down to it. Don’t be acting unfamiliar now, youngin’. Sigh, little kids should just keep to little kids things. Stay in school, do your homework, go to the pep rally, and most of all, respect your elders, children. Also, try not to get your phone taken away. Those are the kind of problems you have to deal with, right?

I like you, Aarav Raina, but don’t push your luck. This is the big leagues, stick to your tee ball and leave me alone when it comes to your dick riding of Kanye. I took time out of taking care of my week-old baby to respond to this. I don’t have time to entertain this anymore. A lion doesn’t listen to the opinion of sheep. So, say baaaaaaaa and be on your way. I have more important things to tend to.

P.S. Congratulations on getting your own keyphrase. You’ve deserved it. (:



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