Possible Winners Of Royal Rumble
WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan is looking to win the WWE Universal Championship when he faces “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt at Minute Maid Park in Houston on Sunday. Courtesy /WWE

These 5 WWE Superstars are possible Royal Rumble winners. These men have shown me that the storyline to follow after would be amazing.

5. Keith Lee

With Lee getting an opportunity at Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship on the upcoming Raw they could easily continue a feud making him the biggest threat to Drew’s Title. A possible Keith Lee main event push could lead to more success than he’s already had in NXT. A Lee Rumble would be very interesting but he would come in the ’20s is my guess. A Lee-McIntyre storyline would make Raw look like the flagship brand it is supposed to be.

4. Jey Uso/Jimmy Uso

This is probably one of the more unlikely options but here me out. Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso for the Universal championship part two but Jimmy helps in a handicap match in a betrayal of the Tribal Chief. They could share the title and feud with Roman until Summerslam. With the possibility of a duo sharing a championship for the first time ever likely to sound crazy to viewers but we’ve seen crazier from professional wrestling.

3. Sheamus

Ex best friends go at it for the first time. Something that seems all too familiar but Sheamus and Drew McIntyre have the two deadliest kicking finishers in WWE right now. Sheamus has been a world champion before and after being a jobber for nearly a decade it’s time WWE shows Sheamus some love and have him win the Royal Rumble.

2. Big E

After a New Day break up things looked dark for E but after winning the Intercontinental Title big things are coming but how soon. A rumble win and a main event push could make an interesting main event for Wrestlemania. Two of the Literal biggest stars in the wrestling industry going at it would be great.

1. Bray Wyatt/The Fiend

With two personalities Bray Wyatt has many possibilities on how to win the rumble. My favorite is for Firefly Funhouse Bray to enter and the Fiend to leave. This would leave the best babyface in Drew McIntyre going against the Fiend who is the closest thing to an otherworld superstar since the Undertaker. These two going at it would make a very intriguing match and storyline.

These possible Royal Rumble winners would make the best possible outcomes after the Rumble. I hope that one of these 5 outcomes happen based on the fact that it would be hard for WWE to mess up one of these storylines.


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