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4 WWE Superstars you didn’t know had a criminal record

WWE Superstars are typically held as role-models for younger fans, real-life superheroes to kids in awe of these larger-than-life characters.

But WWE stars are also humans. That means they can’t always uphold the squeaky clean image of their aliases in the real world. Many to step in the ring have struggled with substance abuse and DUI, especially considering their role puts their bodies through hell on a weekly basis.

So let’s take a look at a handful of surprising WWE stars who have been on the wrong side of the law. Luckily, everybody on this list has managed to put their criminality to the side, but the same cannot be said for so many as crushing as that may be.

#4 Jimmy Uso

Jimmy Uso was arrested for DUI back in July 2019. He was booked after being pulled over and declined a sobriety test. He was said to be driving erratically, “swerving left and right.”

Uso had been given two previous DUI charges in 2011 and 2013. He was further arrested in February 2019 for an altercation with police officers. His case went to court in the Fall of 2019, pleading a “no-contest to interfering with a government employee in exchange for paying a $450 fine.”

Jimmy and his brother, Jey, currently hold the Undisputed WWE tag titles in a record-setting reign. They have served under the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, as part of the Bloodline.

#3 Charlotte Flair

Record-setting WWE Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, was arrested for assaulting a police officer. She was a part of a fight involving her boyfriend and her father back in September 2008. According to Chapel Hill Police, concerned neighbors called for help when they heard a commotion in the parking lot of their apartment complex off Conner Drive Saturday night.

Ric Flair declined to file charges in the case. But, his daughter was accused of kicking an officer. Chapel Hill Police said at the time a taser was used on the ‘Queen’.

Flair pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was sentenced to 45 days in jail, this was then suspended to supervised probation and a $200 fine.

#2 R-Truth

R-Truth was arrested four times and spent different lengths of time in prison before a stretch of 13 months. Truth went to a half-way house after his release from prison, which is where he met Jackie Crockett, who tried to convince Truth to join the wrestling business. He was at the time more focused on his music career.

For the next two years, he pushed to make it big in the music industry, only then contacting Crockett and expressing an interest in becoming a wrestler. The former champion debuted at Pro Wrestling Federation (PWF) back in 1997 before heading to WWE in 1999.

Truth left WWE in 2002 before returning in 2008 and has since been one of the company’s most reliable talents. He had recently enjoyed prominence during the now-retired 24/7 title picture under Vince McMahon.

#1 Roman Reigns

A few weeks prior to signing his contract with WWE under the developmental territory, FCW, Reigns was arrested in Pensacola, Florida. He was charged with disorderly conduct, intoxication, affray, unlawful assembly, and riot.
The incident first occurred in June 2010 and had been kept under wraps until 2013 when Mugshots.com published his mugshot photo with the label: “Roman Reigns of WWE.”

This was before he began his WWE career and Reigns was released on $1000 bond at the time and forced to pay $500 for each of his offenses.

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