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3 Trades The Celtics Should Consider For Malcolm Brogdon

Malcolm Brogdon

(Photo Credit: David Zalubowski/AP Photo)

Malcolm Brogdon
Will the Celtics move on from Malcolm Brogdon? They should if you’re asking me. Here are three trades Boston should consider. (Photo Credit: David Zalubowski/AP Photo)

3 Trades The Celtics Should Consider For Malcolm Brogdon

The Celtics never needed Malcolm Brogdon and Boston fans learned the hard way. Outside of bringing in a real head coach, this Boston roster is really strong but it’s imperfect thanks to Brad Stevens. How can the Celtics rebound from the Brogdon mistake they never should have made? You know, to steer away from injury prone cheese? Here are three trades Boston should consider in an attempt to move Brogdon.

Look, I know what you’re thinking. I’m being too harsh on Brogdon? Except, I’m really not. Everything that I said would happen, happened. Both Gallinari and Brogdon got hurt and let the team down. Needed dependable legs and neither of the offseason additions were. Also, if you’re going to re-sign Grant Williams, something like this is going to need to be done.

*No order*

3: San Antonio Spurs

Malcolm Brogdon
(Trade Machine)

This one depends on a few things but it all sort of depends on if the Spurs want to contend right away with Victor Wembanyama. I’d argue that’s the wrong approach but given the age of Gregg Popovich, maybe they think they can be good right away even with Wemby being a rookie. If the Spurs do want to contend, this trade actually makes a lot of sense for all parties involved.

The Zach Collins part of this is fascinating because his contract is non-guaranteed. Indiana could decide to keep Collins or part ways and create even more cap space. As a rebuilding team, they essentially keep that sharpshooting skillset with McDermott except get to do so with a bigger wing.

Some picks are going to have to be involved here but this is the kind of stuff the Celtics should be trying to do. Wing depth behind Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown needs to be the priority. If you can send out Brogdon and Gallinari for a player who is deemed worse to save on cap / maybe collect a pick out of it, that seems to be a dream scenario.

The Spurs are clearly getting the best collection of talent because the metrics at the bottom say so. They would be the team giving up the draft assets here. Again, if they want to contend, I actually think this is something they would consider. A point guard that can shoot and handle the offense while getting the ball to the big guy? What are the Spurs willing to do to acquire that? It might come down to Brogdon vs. CP3 but I think we all know who Spurs’ fans would prefer in that battle.

2: Dallas Mavericks

Malcolm Brogdon
(Trade Machine)

The Mavericks clearly miss Jalen Brunson. We also don’t know what’s going to happen with Kyrie so I’ll just stay away from that part. If the Mavs really want to try to create that multiple guard formula again, Brogdon could make sense as a target.

Are the Mavericks willing to part with pick ten to do it? Brogdon is an upgrade over THJ and both players have had their fair share of injury concerns. Again this is about reducing the cap number and replenishing the draft pick you gave away for Brogdon. THJ can also shoot which is something Boston doesn’t have enough of. If THJ proves to be a bad fit, it’s not like you can’t use that contract at the deadline to improve at the deadline.

1: Los Angeles Lakers

Malcolm Brogdon
(Trade Machine)

Do the Lakers want to pay D’Angelo Russell? If not, I have somebody in mind. There are a lot of questions in this one but it does actually work.

Malik Beasley has proven not to be a fit with the Lakers. He was basically out of the rotation during the playoffs. The Lakers probably will decline that option but I’m sure they don’t want to in an ideal world. It’s a great contract to match salaries for. Can the Lakers pick up that option and acquire a guy like Brogdon in a classic two-birds-with-one-stone type of move?

Maybe the Lakers are really protective of Jarred Vanderbilt but this saves the Celtics about $1.2 million. Not a lot but it gets you somewhere and every penny is going to count with the new CBA. This type of move wouldn’t hinder the Lakers from keeping Hachimama or Reaves either.

Again, this is the kind of move the Celtics should be after. Get a wing that can shoot while trying to get a pick back. Remember, the Celtics don’t have theirs and you’re going to need cheap labor with the new rules. Who knows, Beasley could regain that shooting stroke and Boston.

Quick side note:

I shouldn’t have had to even make this post. Kevin Huerter was perfect for this team and should have been the move all along.

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