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Fantasy Football OnlyFans

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2022 Fantasy Football OnlyFans: Wide Receivers

Fantasy Football OnlyFans
Gabriel Davis tops the list for the 2022 Fantasy Football OnlyFans at the wide receiver position. Who else makes the cut? Read to find out! (Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 Fantasy Football OnlyFans: Wide Receivers

No intro paragraph needed. We know the deal by not. This isn’t anybody in the top 20 rankings. We’re subscribing early. If you want my cheese list on the receivers, you can get that here. Without further ado, let’s get it going. 2022 Fantasy Football OnlyFans wide receivers. Let’s get after it.

Gabriel Davis (Bills)

I think the Gabriel Davis thing is the most obvious one on the board. Riddle me this; I get Gabriel Davis in year three with Josh Allen, a Stefon Diggs on the other side taking all of the attention, and the target machine of Cole Beasley is gone with an upgraded new role? Don’t tease me anymore. Just give me the action.

Marquise Brown (Cardinals)

I genuinely think Marquise Brown can play. His performance in Baltimore doesn’t really suggest that’s the case. Lamar Jackson is just never going to support a real receiver and the rest of you should just accept that. In best ball, he will be a week winner for someone. His best friend is Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins is gone for the perfect amount of time for him to build chemistry with his new quarterback. Whatever happens, it will be better than any fantasy season he had in Baltimore. I’ll bet anything on that.

Allen Robinson (Rams)

Remember what happened when Cooper Kupp got Matthew Stafford? I don’t want to project that type of season for Robinson but how do you not like his chances? Guy has produced forever with nothing throwing him the ball. Why can’t Stafford support him? It’s not like OBJ or Robert Woods are still there. Van Jefferson unfortunately isn’t healthy either. The production should be there.

Jerry Jeudy (Broncos)

Jerry Jeudy is damn talented. Some guys just take time. The old rule of thumb used to be year three for wide receivers. Obviously, some of these freaks entering the league have changed that rule. Too good of a route runner. Russell Wilson is unbelievable and I don’t think people are factoring that in like the Stafford thing a year ago. I legitimately think Wilson could win the MVP Award. The Jeudy show is going to pop off. I’d bet it’s him over Courtland Sutton. Not saying it can’t be Sutton but that’s a bet I’m not making.

Elijah Moore (Jets)

I hate having anyone from the Jets on my team in a normal situation. I certainly don’t hate a dart throw on Moore. Aarav has a post on Moore you can check out too. I just think the guy is pretty talented. Zach Wilson just got hurt so that part sucks. There is an element of having a guy on the Jets just being totally cursed. However, the price tag is dirt cheap and if Moore can pop, you’re looking at a nice little steal here.

Chris Godwin (Bucs)

Everyone has remembered this is Chris Godwin, right? Okay, he got hurt? This is still a top 15 fantasy receiver just by getting out of bed in the morning. Godwin has way too many top end fantasy finishes on his side for the rankers to just totally toss him aside. They do realize he’s only 26, right? I want this one.

JuJu Smith-Schuster (Chiefs)

I hate that I’m even doing this but how do you not dip your toe into these waters? It’s Kansas City and someone has to score some of these touchdowns. JuJu can at least catch and win some short red zone targets. Why not? I like the buy in here and so does Aaroh.

DeVonta Smith (Eagles)

AJ Brown is on the Cheese list this year. If I want Brown I have to spend and arm and a leg for him. Why would I do that when DeVonta Smith is basically free and he’s a prime candidate to break out in year two? We’re never going to get a 5,000 yard season from Jalen Hurts. It’s just not in the cards. Do we think AJ Brown is SO good to the point where he makes Smith look like a scrub and steals all the shine? I’m obviously higher on Brown as a player but Smith is a dirty dog and already has that built in connection with Hurts dating back to Alabama. I don’t think we can just ignore him.

DeAndre Hopkins (Cardinals)

I don’t care that the guy is suspended. His ranking right now is gross in a good way. I can either have Hopkins or Allen Lazard? What are we even talking about? I’ll take the six games. My team will be more than good enough to survive the storm. Good luck after.

Hunter Renfrow (Raiders)

I have Davante Adams this year and I’m sorry nervous. Mostly because I think Hunter Renfrow is actually good. I can see it now. That slippery little Renfrow will snag every touchdown when it counts while Adams gets to go to looks. I think the targets will be there for Renfrow regardless. You can do way worse than plugging him as your flex next year. I can promise you that.

Christian Kirk (Jaguars)

Christian Kirk is going to get the job done for Jacksonville. Boring pick or not it’s true. Overpaid or not it’s true. Kirk has talent. So what if he’s a faster but less talented Keenan Allen. That guy still plays. That’s all the way in fair territory. Kirk will have a good year. It just won’t be what Jacksonville paid for him good.

Chris Olave (Saints)

Chris Olave is going to translate right away. I don’t know quite how high the pure ceiling is but that guy can move and he gets open all the time. Jameis Winston is capable enough to find him whether you like the Saints quarterback or not. Jarvis Landry isn’t in his prime anymore. We’re never seeing elite Michael Thomas again regardless of whether or not he bounces back. Those targets are going to be there are the Saints surely won’t be terrible.

George Pickens (Steelers)

The guy is a freak. End of story. You guys were all too late. Year one, who knows especially with that quarterback situation but he’s going to take over here eventually. There is a bit of a competition for targets but that’s only a short term thing. Chase Claypool will feel small eventually. It’s not his fault. That’s just how talented Pickens is. Fantasy playoff time? These are the dart throws you want that turn the tides in your favor.


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