NFL Week Four
Ashley Landis, The Associated Press

2021 NFL Week Four: Biggest Storylines and Takeaways

2021 NFL Week Four is in the books. Brady gets a win in his return to Foxborough, a solid weekend for rookie QBs and Kyler Murray looks like the MVP. Check out more storylines and takeaways from week four below!

2021 NFL Week Four- Kyler Murray Is The MVP Front Runner

How about Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals. After coming into the season with high expectations and hopes of a playoff birth, the Cardinals have exceeded their expectations. With the Raider’s loss on Monday night, the Cardinals remain the only undefeated team left in the NFL. For some who thought Kliff Kingsbury was going to get fired before the season ended, I did not expect this hot start from the Cardinals. They embarrassed the Los Angeles Rams this weekend winning by a score of 37-20. The Rams scored a garbage-time touchdown late which may be misleading when looking at the box score, this game was never really close.

Kyler Murray has become must-watch television since entering the league, his rare combination of speed and arm talent is something we rarely see. Murray and Lamar Jackson are two of the best watches in the NFL right now, every play those guys run seems like it could end in a touchdown. Through four games, Murray is completing 76.1% of his passes for 1,273 yards, nine touchdowns, and four picks. He has also added over 100 yards rushing with three more touchdowns. The kid is special, period.

2021 NFL Week Four- Good Week For Rookie QBs

I thought this was the best weekend for rookie quarterbacks. Zach Wilson and Justin Fields both got their first win as starters and made some really nice plays. Mac Jones and Trevor Lawrence may have lost but I think they each played their best game as a pro. Jones was a game-winning field goal from outplaying Tom Brady and Lawrence showed us a rushing element to his game that we only saw a little in college. While Trey Lance looked a little overwhelmed, he made some plays and clearly has enough raw talent to get buy.

The biggest thing for these rookie QBs is tangible growth. For example, after a four-interception performance against the Patriots in week two, Zach Wilson cut his INTs in half throwing two in week three and only one in week four. As for the other QBs as long as you make some splash plays, pick up a couple of wins, and prove you belong in this league that would constitute a successful rookie year.

2021 NFL Week Four- Justin Herbert Is Becoming A Super Star

I will take a miss on Justin Herbert. Coming out of Oregon, I thought he was a little robotic and not that mobile. Fast forward to his 19th game in the NFL and he is the exact opposite of those things. Herbert may have a top-five arm in the league in terms of power, every ball he throws is a frozen rope. CBS posted that Hebert is the first QB to complete 500 passes before this 20th start, while a weird stat, this kid has proven everyone wrong who doubted him.

Good thing for Herbert, Brandon Staley looks like he knows what he is doing. Last year with Anthony Lynn was a disaster if Staley can just be a solid head coach, this team has too much talent not to make the playoffs. They sit at 3-1 atop of the AFC West with a win over Las Vegas and Kansas City.

2021 NFL Week Four- Bad Week For Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer has been a talking point ever since he took the Jacksonville job. Many like myself said he would be over his head, fast forward to week four and I think my prediction was right. This weekend was a different talking point when it came to Urban Meyer as a video surfaced of him at a bar in Ohio following their Thursday night loss to the Bengals. Meyer presumably had a couple of drinks and was videotaped getting danced on by a younger woman. As many people know Urban is married with kids and that was not his wife at that bar in Ohio.

Unlike everyone who decided to pile on Urban, I think this story got blown a little out of proportion. I did not like how everyone called out Meyer. We don’t know anything about what their relationship entails, it is unfair to drag Urban when people go out and do this kind of this every weekend.

The guy is a legend in Ohio, I think it is hypocritical to blast Meyer for having a couple of drinks probably with some old friends. If that was any regular person, no video would have been taken and this would have been a non-story. But since it is Urban Meyer and the Jags are 0-4, it has been made into a huge deal. Meyer has a shit-storm of PR to clean up and locker room to win back. Things are not going well in Jacksonville.

2021 NFL Week Four- Teddy Bridgewater Was The Right Choice For Denver

When Vic Fangio named Teddy Bridgewater the starter I blasted him saying it was the wrong decision. I thought Drew Lock had too much raw talent and Teddy’s starting QB days were behind him. Well on Sunday after Bridgewater went down with an injury, Lock came in and looked like the Drew Lock of old. He was skipping balls, made some head-scratching throws and it wouldn’t have been a Drew Lock game if he did not throw a pick. I think I might have to eat my Bridgewater take as the Broncos look like two different teams depending on who is under center. Bridgewater may miss time with a concussion and I expect the Broncos to come down to Earth with Lock at quarterback.

Check out week three here, come back for week five!


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