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2021 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 6

2021 NFL Draft


2021 NFL Draft
Eric Stokes continues to prove he’s elite after another dominant game against Tennessee. Who else stood out while looking towards the 2021 NFL Draft? (DALE ZANINE)

2021 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 6

Week 6 of the college football season has come and gone. As always, we now take a look at what the games meant for the 2021 NFL Draft. For the games this week, we have Florida vs. Texas A&M, Texas vs. Oklahoma, Tennessee vs. Georgia, and Miami vs. Clemson. There are also a few side notes included. Who stood out for better or worse when looking towards the 2021 NFL Draft?

Florida vs. Texas A&M

Florida came into this game ranked fourth in the country and lost 41-38 on a last-second field goal. Jimbo Fisher has his first win over a top-five opponent at A&M after previously losing his first seven tries.

The two Kyle’s (Kyle Trask and Kyle Pitts) have been the story for the Gators in the early stages of the season. I think the hype on Trask has been a little silly. However, I wanted to see if his improvement was real.

The stat line for Trask wasn’t terrible by any means. 23-32 for 312 yards and four touchdowns. Trask had an excellent box score day. It doesn’t tell the story. A majority of the damage was allowing his playmakers to create for themselves. Running back Malik Davis took three dump-offs for 73 yards. Let’s pump the brakes on Trask. He’s not in the same class as some of these elite QB’s.

To me, Florida is Kyle Pitts and Kadarius Toney’s story. It’s not hard when you can just let those guys win their matchups.

Pitts didn’t have a huge day, but I also don’t care. Five receptions for 47 yards and a score is fine by me. Pitts is starting to get double and triple-teamed. He still leads the country in touchdowns. A tight end is doing that; there’s no doubt when it comes to Pitts. I’ve never seen anything like him. There’s no question Kyle Pitts is the first tight end off the board during the 2021 NFL Draft.

It’s getting hard to ignore Toney. Usually, these small gadget players turn into guys like Dri Archer. Fast but too little, and never make an impact in the NFL. I don’t want to go crazy, but there’s some Tyreek Hill with the Gators’ lightning rod.

Toney finished the day with seven receptions for 92 yards and two touchdowns. Toney is bigger than Hill but not as fast. He can even play some running back. As a small gadget guy, you better blow me away. Toney keeps doing it. He’s a big-play threat every time he touches the ball.

One last thing on Florida here. Kaiir Elam has something to him. Elam broke up three passes and also was used as a blitzer. The only problem is the name Elam in a Gators uniform gives me nightmares. Shout out Matt Elam, you suck! I was also hoping they would have a pass rush, but it’s clear Florida misses Jonathan Greenard.

Texas A&M may have won the game, but I don’t have much here on them. They won this game on the ground running the ball right down Florida’s throat. I didn’t see a ton of talent on defense, and we already know the story on Kellen Mond.

Texas vs. Oklahoma

Talk about a disgusting game to watch. Block kicks, punts, no tackling, stupid mistakes, fumbles, etc. You name it, and this game had it. Oklahoma won 53-45 in a classic nonsense Big 12 game.

Can we be honest about Sam Ehlinger? If you want to turn him into an H-Back, be my guest. Quarterback? Please stop it. He is a penniless man’s version of Tim Tebow. Ehlinger posted a stat line of 30-53, 287 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions.

Texas’ best play is the quarterback power. Ehlinger rushed for 112 yards and four touchdowns. That’s fine in the Big 12, but he’s getting smoked in the NFL. He’s not nearly athletic enough to rush for anywhere close to those numbers.

Ehlinger is not good at any of the quarterback stuff. A very average arm lacks awareness and isn’t accurate. I only have to show you one clip for you to understand what I mean. Tell me how this is an NFL guy?

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have watched this game. I wish I would have solely focused on the Florida and Texas A&M game instead of flipping back and forth. God, it was ugly to watch on both sides. Neither of which has a ton of NFL talent.

Tennessee vs. Georgia

Georgia ended up winning this game 44-21 in a contest that got out of hand in the second half. I don’t have a lot on the Vols other than that Jeremy Pruitt is starting to get better recruits in the building.

Three quick things on Georgia:

This Georgia defense is elite. Monty Rice, Azeez Ojulari, and pretty much in that front-seven dominated. Are all of these guys just B prospects creating no holes, or are there some real gems here? Rice looks like a linebacker with some serious range and promise.

Cornerback Eric Stokes continues to be one of those stars for me. Stokes did not allow a reception. Five targets and no receptions allowed. Stokes also had two pass breakups and a sexy interception.

I’m still not sure how fast he is, but Stokes has a knack for beating up receivers while never getting called for it. More so, doing it the right way. Stokes has perfect length at 6-foot-1 and attacks the ball. He’s just so good at the catch point. Stokes is a player I was already very fond of. 2020 has been no different and is starting to make a name for himself.

After a great week last week, Zamir White took a step back. The Vols front is better than the one Auburn will put together this year. Still, it just looked like he lacked explosion, which is what I talked about last week. 22 carries for 50 yards and a score ain’t it, chief!

White had several short-yardage opportunities and didn’t convert any of them. If you’re going to be that bruising back, you better get your ass in the end zone when they hand it off on 4th-and-inches. White really couldn’t make anyone miss. White was the third-best running back on the team today, and James Cook didn’t play. What does that tell you?

Side Note: Breece Hall is good?

Texas Tech isn’t the greatest measuring stick in the world. I didn’t spend a ton of time watching this game, but one thing stood out to me. Breece Hall has way more wiggle than David Montgomery did. All the draft experts loved Montgomery because he put up all these numbers at Iowa State. I tried to tell you his movement skill sucked.

I think Hall is way more talented than Montgomery. Hall finished this game with 27 carries for 135 yards and two touchdowns. It’s not the fact that he’s putting up numbers and breaking tackles. It’s the way his body is moving. There’s a lot more fast-twitch here with Hall.

Miami vs. Clemson

I had a feeling that Clemson was going to smack Miami, and that’s what happened. Clemson won 42-17 in a game that would have looked have looked a lot worse without the Hurricanes scoop and score before halftime.

I’m going to do this with every questionable quarterback in the ACC pretty much until Clemson remains relevant. To prove your worth against Clemson. I don’t care if you beat up Florida State. What do you get against the blue blood of the conference?

For King, it was a lot of nothing. Outside of one scramble, the guy had nothing—12 for 28 for 121 yards and two interceptions. I honestly don’t know what he was doing. Sure, there was a lot of pressure to deal with, but the attack plan didn’t make sense. It was almost like the coaching staff told him – “hey, we know you’re not a real quarterback. We’re just going to have you throw up 50-50 balls the whole game”.

Zero ability to progress through reads, and pretty much everything was inaccurate. Even when King took those deep shots, they were all wildly underthrown. The guy has nothing. It’s going to be a glorious draft day.

I wasn’t familiar with Bubba Bolden, but I am now. The 6-foot-3 safety couldn’t stop bleeding. The dude seems like a baller; he was always around the ball and led the team with ten tackles. He didn’t do anything outstanding, but I loved the fire. It’s hard not to like this guy.

Originally tweeted by gifdsports (@gifdsports) on October 11, 2020.

Trevor Lawrence did Trevor Lawrence things. No need to get too far into the weeds with that one. He took what the defense gave him for most of the game—just a well-executed game plan. Lawrence finished the game with 292 passing yards and four total touchdowns.

This was mostly the Travis Etienne show. The Clemson tailback rushed for 149 yards on 17 carries while adding two touchdowns. He’s also a weapon in the passing game, adding eight receptions for 73 yards.

Originally tweeted by Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) on October 11, 2020.

There’s just so much Alvin Kamara here. There’s surprising power in the lower half, and he has a knack for staying upright. His balance his always fun to watch. Would I take him in the first round? Nope, I don’t think he’s a legendary running back prospect. Do I think he’s a good player? Absolutely.

There’s a lot of new faces on this Clemson defense. It’s going to take some time to separate, which I want to dive into. However, it’s clear already they have some dudes just like every year.

Side Note: Mac Jones is good?

I think it’s time to give Mac Jones some respect. Sure, the Ole Miss defense is terrible. However, I find it hard to believe that Greg McElroy, John Parker Wilson, or Jalen Hurts, puts up 63 points in this game. Mac Jones might be for real.

Again, yes, I know Alabama has excellent weapons. It’s still hard to ignore what Mac Jones is doing. He went 28-32 for 417 yards and two touchdowns. Don’t tell me all the old Alabama quarterbacks in the past do that. I think this kid can play.


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