2021 NFL Draft
Who are the safest prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft? Here are the five can’t miss players from this year’s class. (Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

2021 NFL Draft Can’t Miss Prospects

The goal of any general manager on draft day is to hit on your draft picks. Simple enough, right? That’s exactly what I’m going to try to accomplish here today. These prospects I’m going to dive into have no bust potential. As a general manager, if you turn the card in for one of these players, you will sleep great at night. Which prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft make the can’t miss list?

Trevor Lawrence (Clemson)

We knew Trevor Lawrence was going to be the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft five years ago. This is the prodigy of the draft. Big, tall, athletic, with a howitzer. There’s no miss here. Urban Meyer was only coming out of retirement for this.

Kyle Pitts (Florida)

Kyle Pitts is the best college tight end I’ve ever seen. He’s the best overall player in the draft. I’ve never seen anything like him. 6-foot-6 with a record wingspan for the position. Oh, he’s a 4.4 guy too. Good luck. Don’t know how you guard him. Zero bust potential.

Patrick Surtain (Alabama)

Hell yeah Patrick Surtain makes the list. Did you watch Alabama this past year? Let me give you a run down on how they went. Number two, they just don’t throw to his side of the field. There’s a common sense factor here. Alabama, NFL bloodlines, size, and smoothness. Surtain has the it.

Penei Sewell (Oregon)

Penei Sewell is a killer. Humans should not be this big and athletic. There’s no miss here. This is the franchise left tackle of the class. There’s nothing more to say.

Micah Parsons (Penn State)

If you need a linebacker, you better go grab Parsons. This is the only one with no miss. 6-foot-3, 245, and runs a 4.39? Stop. Parsons just smokes dudes. He hits you, you go down. Parsons is a freak talent.