Patrick Williams
Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

In a league that is becoming more reliant on guards and bigs that can shoot, the need for a solid wing player is ever more prevalent. Thankfully for some, the 2020 NBA Draft is filled with such players. Patrick Williams is a massive forward with the ability to do a little bit of everything. Which teams gives Williams the best chance of succeeding in the NBA?

Strengths: Size, Athleticism

Williams’ size combined with his athleticism makes for a raw talent that is absolutely intriguing. His ability to run the floor at his size is a huge plus. The raw talent Williams possesses makes him attractive to many teams in the draft and is decent enough all around to justify drafting him in the first round. Williams is a tone setter that can come off the bench and provide a spark to keep/change the momentum of the game. His stats aren’t too impressive, but his energy and toughness earned him ACC Sixth Man of the Year as a Freshman.

Weaknesses: Sample Size, Shooting

By sample size, I mean the fact that Williams came off the bench. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that Williams faced a lot of bench players more than starters. This may sound like a bad take, and maybe it is. But a team that pulls the trigger on Williams early in the draft is drafting him more as a project and what he could be than what he is. On a side note, Williams’ shooting could use improvement too. The NBA is a shooters league and you have to have a shot. Just playing defense will only get you so far, depending on your size. Even someone like Marcus Smart has developed a shot and it has greatly helped the Celtics.

Patrick Williams is a raw prospect that will benefit from being drafted by a team that won’t ask a lot from him. He’ll need to be around veterans for pretty much the entirety of his rookie deal and will probably come off the bench the entire time. But Williams is the perfect candidate to be that guy off the bench to provide energy to the second unit, even if its just one or two explosive plays.

Best Fit: New Orleans, Boston, Miami, Utah

Current NBA Comparison: JaMychal Green