NFL regular season
Khalil Mack showed his worth on Sunday Night in the Bears opening NFL regular season game against the Packers (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Yes, the all-encompassing post is here once again! Welcome to your one-stop shop for NFL updates. Week one of the NFL regular season is in the books and boy, was it a good one.

Below, I go through week one’s best performers, the best plays of the weekend, the updated divisional standings, and any news are the league that you might have missed.

Let’s get started.

Week One Awards

Offensive Player of the Week: Ryan Fitzpatrick – QB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fitzpatrick torched the heralded Saints defense. Will Jameis Winston earn his spot back? Here are the highlights of his career game.

Defensive Player of the Week: Kahlil Mack – DE – Chicago Bears

How could the Raiders let him go so easily?

Offensive Honorable Mentions:
Drew Brees – QB – New Orleans Saints (37/45, 439 yards, and 3 touchdowns)
Tyreek Hill – WR- Kansas City Chiefs (7 receptions, 169 yards, 2 touchdowns, and a punt return for a touchdown)
Defensive Honorable Mentions:
T.J. Watt – DE – Pittsburgh Steelers (11 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 blocked field goal)
Von Miller – DE – Denver Broncos (7 tackles, 3 sacks, 3 tackles for loss, and 1 fumble recovery)

Best Plays from the Weekend

Here is a look at some of the top receptions in week one.

Additionally, here are some of the top rushes in week one.

Khalil Mack continued to dominate the Packers all night long.

Randall Cobb still showing he’s a reliable receiver for Aaron Rodgers.

The Lead Word – NFL Returns – 9.10.18

Updated Divisional Standings

Here are the current NFL divisional standings.

AFC East

  1. Miami Dolphins (1-0)
  2. New England Patriots (1-0)
  3. New York Jets (1-0)
  4. Buffalo Bills (0-1)

AFC North

  1. Baltimore Ravens (1-0)
  2. Cincinnati Bengals (1-0)
  3. Cleveland Browns (0-0-1)
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-0-1)

AFC South

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0)
  2. Houston Texans (0-1)
  3. Tennessee Titans (0-1)
  4. Indianapolis Colts (0-1)

AFC West

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)
  2. Denver Broncos (1-0)
  3. Los Angeles Chargers (0-1)
  4. Oakland Raiders (0-1)

NFC East

  1. Washington Redskins (1-0)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)
  3. Dallas Cowboys (0-1)
  4. New York Giants (0-1)

NFC North

  1. Green Bay Packers (1-0)
  2. Minnesota Vikings (1-0)
  3. Chicago Bears (0-1)
  4. Detroit Lions (0-1)

NFC South

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0)
  2. Carolina Panthers (1-0)
  3. New Orleans Saints (0-1)
  4. Atlanta Falcons (0-1)

NFC West

  1. Los Angeles Rams (1-0)
  2. Seattle Seahawks (0-1)
  3. San Francisco 49ers (0-1)
  4. Arizona Cardinals (0-1)

2019 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 2

Stats From Week One

This is my favorite topic in this article. The little, random nuances of the game excite me, so here’s to impressing that random person with ridiculous week one statistics.

2018 NFL Picks – Week 1

News Around the NFL

Antonio Brown Reaches 10,000 Catches

Antonio Brown continues to shock the world with his ability to catch the football. Against the Browns, he reached a huge milestone of 10,000 catches and did it in the second-fewest games.

Nike Commercial

This week, Nike announced that Colin Kaepernick will be the face of it’s 30th-year “Just Do It” campaign. Watch it for yourself if you haven’t seen it yet – goosebumps.

This is potentially a generation altering commercial. It will be something parents tell their kids about, something that hopefully revolutionalizes an entire group of youngsters and older people alike to stand up for what they believe in and back it up with their actions.

Nike can pin this commercial with their most memorable campaigns such as “Bo Knows” and “Little Penny”. However, the biggest difference between this campaign and the others is the meaning behind the commercial. The parallels between sports and the human race can’t be ignored.

We see these underdogs that are representing minorities and their struggle to find success in their respected sports, to find a voice. Then the commercial shows these players working and finding success through sheer will, determination, and grit. And Kaepernick ends the commercial by saying “So don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough.”

I cannot wait to see what Nike puts out next.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for week two’s recap!