Drew Lock Would Rather Get Picked 32nd Instead Of 1st

The 2019 NFL Draft is a weird one. If you start with the quarterbacks, there is a group of 3 that all legitimately have a chance to be the best of the bunch. The group includes Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, and Drew Lock. All 3 are big wildcards. Could go either way. When it ...
Drew Lock

Meet The Giannis Stopper, Semi Ojeleye

No team has been doubted more this season than the Boston Celtics. Fans still think the NBA regular season matters… YAWN. The Celtics predictably took the Pacers out quickly and now find themselves in a showdown with the one seed, Milwaukee Bucks. This is the same team ...
Semi Ojeleye

Daubert’s 5 Favorite 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

Every single year I jot down a list of 5-10 names in every single draft. If I ever get a chance to become an NFL gm, I revisit those names and see where I went right or wrong. Last year the 3 guys I loved were Roquan Smith, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Bradley Chubb. All 3 […]
2019 NFL Draft

Russell Westbrook Sucks, End Of Story

There are a lot of sports debates that I like to dive into. There is one that I have been far more vocal about than any other. Russell Westbrook sucks. Period. End of story. For about 9 years, I have been screaming this from the rooftops. Unfortunately, I only have about a ye...
Russell Westbrook

MLB The Show 19 Red Sox Franchise Mode: Episode 6

WE HAVE A TRADE TO ANNOUNCE. MLB The Show 19 Red Sox franchise mode returns. Watch the video to see who got dealt. It’s a 3 team cheeser. Comment down below if you approve of my trade. The Rays are in town. They get their asses swept in their own building. Subscribe to ...
MLB The Show 19

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