Stephen A Smith Goes On Epic Rant About Tonight’s Chargers At Chiefs Game, Hint: He Messed Up… A LOT

Stephen A Smith is leading the charge over at ESPN. If Stephen A wanted to, he could probably sue ESPN for working more than 700 hours per week. ESPN is so desperate for content, that they call on Stephen A anytime breaking news happens so that they can get his reaction yelli...
Stephen A Smith

The Redskins Were Right About Kirk Cousins

Nothing fascinates me more than life as a general manager. The high leverage decisions that general managers have to make in sports is better than a lot of things in life. For years and years, the Washington Redskins were heavily scrutinized for failing to sign Kirk Cousins t...
Kirk Cousins

The Cowboys Can’t Make The Blake Bortles Mistake With Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys are about to win the NFC East for the second time in three years. That’s the good news. The bad news is Dak Prescott is making himself a lot of money. Dak saved the franchise. Dallas was left in turmoil when Tony Romo got injured and then retired. Dak...
Dak Prescott

Phillies Sign Andrew McCutchen To Three-Year, $50 Million Deal

Wow. The Phillies weren’t kidding when they said they were going to spend stupid money. After trading for Jean Segura earlier this offseason, the Phillies went into their pocket books for the first time this winter. Outfielder Andrew McCutchen has signed with Philadelph...
Andrew McCutchen

That’s Some Cheese – Episode 31 – 12.11.18 (Anchor Link)

That’s Some Cheese returns with episode 31. The 2018 Winter Meetings have begun and I am going to recap every day of the meetings. Quick podcast. The 4 topics include the hall of fame announcements, Billy Hamilton to the Royals, Nathan Eovaldi presser, and Brian Cashman...
That's Some Cheese

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