Los Angeles Chargers 2019 NFL Draft War Room

The Los Angeles Chargers roster is loaded and they finally started winning in 2018. However, once they played a team with a real head coach in the playoffs, they got smoked because Anthony Lynn is a lame duck. The Chargers have a chance to keep adding to a great team. Tom Tel...
2019 NFL Draft

Kansas City Chiefs 2019 NFL Draft War Room

A Dee Ford offsides call kept the Kansas City Chiefs out of the Super Bowl and maybe even a Super Bowl championship. Now Ford is gone. So is Justin Houston and Eric Berry. Even Tyreek Hill is in trouble with the law again. It’s been a rough offseason for the Chiefs. Kan...
Patrick Mahomes

Saints Sign Jared Cook

Drew Brees hasn’t had a real tight end since Jimmy Graham. After the Saints traded Graham, it’s been a bunching of walking corpses playing the position. 800-year-old Ben Watson and a bunch of guys you never heard before. Well, now the Saints have a new tight end t...
Jared Cook

Who Gives The Yankees The Best Chance To Win? Luke Voit Or Greg Bird?

Who’s on first? Well, we don’t really know for sure. The New York Yankees have a first base battle on their hands. Who will take control of the position? Is it Luke Voit’s job to lose or will Greg Bird live up to his former top prospect status? Either way, f...

Doc Rivers Wants Nothing To Do With The Lakers

Luke Walton is a dead man walking. He’s essentially been fired weeks ago. With the Lakers in need of a head coach, they may have their eyes set on Doc Rivers. Unfortunately, Doc wants nothing to do with the Lakers. He’s perfectly happy coaching the Clippers. Ohm Y...
Doc Rivers

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