That’s Some Cheese – Episode 37 – 2.15.19 (Anchor Link)

That’s Some Cheese returns with host Trey Daubert with a different style show. Ding, ding! It’s time for a real debate. Colin Cowherd went on his show recently and talked about why the Celtics are better without Kyrie Irving. He couldn’t be more wrong so I d...
That's Some Cheese

Luis Severino Signs Team Friendly Extension With Yankees

Locking up young players to team friendly contracts is the smartest thing you can do in baseball. Locking up Luis Severino long term tops that list. Severino is closing in on a 4-year, $40 million extension with the New York Yankees. The deal also includes one team option. Th...
Luis Severino

Pelicans Fire Gm Dell Demps

The Pelicans are cleaning house. Anthony Davis will be traded during the offseason. New Orleans apparently does not trust Dell Demps handling those trade talks. He has been fired by the organization. It’s not a big shock. Alvin Gentry is probably not too far behind. ESP...
Dell Demps

Mike Francesa Has Lost His Mind Over Jacob deGrom’s Pending Contract Status

Jacob deGrom has outperformed his contract in a big way. deGrom won the Cy Young award in 2018 at the age of 30. Because deGrom got to the big leagues so late, deGrom won’t hit free agency until after the 2020 season when deGrom will hit age 33. Will deGrom ever get his...
Mike Francesa

Alvin Gentry Calls The Anthony Davis Situation A ‘Dumpster Fire’

The Anthony Davis situation is a mess. Davis scored 3 points on Tuesday on Tuesday against the Magic. The Pelicans then beat the Thunder on Thursday night but there was more drama. Davis left the game in the second quarter with a “shoulder” injury. Davis not only ...
Alvin Gentry

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